An NYC transplant via Southern California, Rand Guerrero holds a dual BA in Theater and Psychology from CSU Long Beach, where he successfully ventured into acting with a breakout Shakespearean performance as the lead role of Valentine in Two Gentleman of Verona. His acting was further refined in the renowned Laura Henry’s Meisner Conservatory, and has since studied intensively in workshops led by Larry Moss, the LA Chekhov Studio under Jack Colvin, Jack Garfein of  The Actor’s Studio/HB Studios, and Dennis Krausnick of Shakespeare & Company.

Well-versed in Adler and Linklater techniques, Rand’s wide range enables versatility from theater to on camera. He is bilingual (Spanish/English), retains special skills in combat movement (Stage & Broad Sword, Jeet Kune Do, Wrestling, Boxing, and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu), and is certified in the holistic practice of Thai Massage.

Reaching beyond his education, versatility, and special skills, Rand’s recent theatrical roles include Pinky (Our Lady of 121st Street), Avram Schenker (Ghost on Fire); and film as Luis (King of Paper Chasin), Paolo Moreno (WAVE) and the Sundance Sloan Prize finalist performance of Ben Moss (The Last Generation to Die).

Rand’s classical training  is infused with a modernized sensibility

Rand’s classical training is infused with a modernized sensibility, drawing him to roles that explore emotional volatility, unusual structure, and push the boundaries of theatrical and cinematic storytelling. His multicultural background, particularly his Mexican mother’s Tomatlan roots, channels a primal approach to acting that often draws from a character’s basest instincts: survival, family, and an insatiable curiosity to test one’s limits. Inspired by this rebellious honesty, it’s Rand’s raw willingness and immersion into character that resonates with audiences.

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